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Tiled garden mosaic - Phase 3 (2023)





Berry my ginger cat helping or hindering my patio building?

Video of finished patio

The final phase of our tiled mosaic patio was completed in early May 2023. We wanted to do it sooner but had to wait for the winter cold to pass. Made up mostly of sample tiles and tiles salvaged from skips outside tile shops, with a few quirky bits chucked in for fun. This ties up with the first mosaic we did in 2018 and the section bridging the two completed in 2022. Once again Berry our ginger cat found it very interesting and kept me company during the month of works. When I started laying out the design in early April it was still quite rainy so I had to waterproof the area by putting up some makeshift tarpaulins. This was from experience after the first patio mosaic was frequently interrupted by summer rains and we had to attempt to waterproof the area after much disruption!

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