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Crawley Double Storey Extension and Loft Conversion

Our client's property in a new housing development in Maidenbower was just not big enough for their growing family. By the use of extensive 3-d modelling and fly-through videos we helped them visualise and ultimately build their dream house.

Completed house 3D movie fly-through

We substantially enlarged this property. Planning proved a challenge but we eventually arrived at a scheme that the planners liked and approved.

Crawley Proposed 1.jpg

Proposed back of house

Existing back of house


Front of house before

Crawley Proposed 2.jpg

Front of house after


Existing house plans (Ground Floor & First)

1004 A1 PR site and gf V6.0.jpg

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Plan Crawley.jpg

Proposed 3d rendered Ground Floor Plan

Crawley Proposed 4.jpg

Dusk view of back of proposed house

1007 A1  PR elevs 1 and 2 V3.0.jpg
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