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Englefield Green Bungalow Conversion

We designed this bungalow conversion for our clients to maximise their available space. The existing 3-bedroom bungalow layout suffers from a maze of corridors. By demolishing the 3rd bedroom and extending out, we have created an open plan living/dining room that leads onto the kitchen and opens completely onto the cosy garden. The existing lounge is turned into two bedrooms and the existing bathroom and cloakroom is converted into an en-suite shower room and a full bathroom. Sedum roof included to add insulation and welcome more bees to the garden. Construction completed in January 2022.

Bungalow conversion 3D movie fly-through

Kitchen 2.jpg
Kitchen 4.jpg
Lounge 5.jpg
Lounge 7.jpg
bad 3.jpg
bad  2.jpg
Plan Vegal.jpg
12 vegal site 2g.jpg

Proposed Plan Layout

Existing Plan Layout


Dusk view

up high2.jpg

Afternoon view





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